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25 Jan 2018    For the Beauty of the Earth
The Lord of all, to thee raise -- This our joyful hymn of praise  
19 Jan 2018    The Little Children
The membership of our churches is aging and the youth demographic in our pews is gradually decreasing.
7 Jan 2018    The Post-Holiday Blues
Be a little more caring and uplifting when you see someone going through the post-holiday blues.  Spend a little time with them to help ease the loneliness...  If needed, encourage them to seek out counseling for their issues.
1 Jan 2018    New Year Resolutions or Year-Long Resolutions?
Let’s try something different this time.  Let’s resolve to keep our word for a change.  I think that is what God would want us to do.
21 Dec 2017    Gifts That Last
Let’s think beyond the gifts for ourselves and start planning for our heavenly retirement!  What  will endure is our work that we do here on earth—not our things.
11 Dec 2017    Ask Me Anything
I love forums. If you have a question about anything that has been discussed in an article on this website or any question about an aspect of our Christian faith that you would enjoy talking about, I want to hear from you.
5 Dec 2017    Why I Am An Anglican
The main thing the Holy Spirit used to draw me into the Anglican Church was the truth expressed in the Thirty-Nine Articles... which declare that Holy Scripture is supreme over church doctrine and traditions. 
27 Nov 2017    Another Miracle?
I was never in danger and there was no need for an angel to be sent to save me.  If everything was normal,... But it was not "normal" for me on that day. 
23 Nov 2017    Thankful
Think about all the times that you or your family have been protected by God’s loving grace.  Remember those times and share them around the Thanksgiving table today, and often, to those who could use a little strengthening of their faith.
15 Nov 2017    Put a Little Faith to It
The ones who get the most from life have put the most faith in.  ...have faith that we could overcome any  obstacle. 
11 Nov 2017    Back Home and Ready for Work
St. Joseph’s Anglican College will be offering a new line-up of courses toward the Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies. ...All clergy and postulates for ordination are encouraged to apply for the tuition-free courses. 
31 Oct 2017    On The Road
The time spent with God is even more important than the time we spend with family, and neither should ever be neglected or cut short.
27 Oct 2017    The Good Samaritan
God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
18 Oct 2017    Salvation's Price
Jesus had to pay the price to provide God’s salvation  for us all.  
12 Oct 2017    An Introduction
As the Suffragan, or in any other role assigned, I am determined to do my very best.         


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