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                    Read Again 2018

Take a moment and find the time to RELAX & READ AGAIN

Beloved Friends:

WE are pleased with the response to READ AGAIN 2018 PROGTAM. Last week 43 were given out (mostly local). Look through and see if there is one you would to have. Postage to contributing members is free. All others out of area are asked to cover postage. 



A perfect life      Helen Pollock

American dreams     (Senator) Marco Rubio

Anxious age       Joseph Bottom   

Ancient path     John Michael Talbert

At night we walk in circles       Dainot Alarcon  



Back to blood      Tom Wolfe

Brighton      Michael Harvey

Brother            Clay Carmichael



Crossfire        Dick Francis



Doubt factory       Palo Baigalupia



Exodus        Debra Feldman

Everybody rise      Stephen Clifford

Every hidden fear       Linda Rodriguez

80 days       Matthew Goodman



Father’s day       Simon Vanbooy 



Going dark       James Hall

Golden princes        S  M  sterling

Gratitude and trust          Paul Williams



Hell before breakfast      Robert Pattan

Here and now     J M Coretezeee

Heroic path        John Sowers

HRC   Johanna Allen  (Hillary  Clinton)

Hugo Chaves       Christina Marcano



I am the traitor       Allan Zadoff 

I  said yes to everything    Lee Grant

Inside ISIS        Benjamin Hall



Just between us      Maria Lopez

 John the pupil     David Flusfereder



Landing it       Scott Hamilton 



Nothing personal      Mike Offit



Raising Rufus      David Fulk


Saint Mazzie        Jamie Allen Berg

Seven deadliest         Gidi  Ledangie

Small plates       Katharine Hall-Page

So much a part of you       Polly Dugan

Stolen lives           Malik Opufkir



The future Church  John Allen  

Twice you are good    Sarah  Lacy 

The way forward  (Speaker)     Paul Ryan 

The fatal touch      Connor Fitzerald

Tower of thorns     Juliet Marillieo

The third woman     Jonathan Freedland

The book of wanderings    Kimberly Myer 

The new sorority       Sheila Weller

Trail of intentions      Peter Orullian

The greatest comeback     Patrick Buchanan

The republic imagination      Azar Nafifi

The book of unknown Americans     Christina Henrique 

The outsiders      Jerald Seymour

The swimmer         Joakim Dander

The Day of Atonement      Davisd Bliss

The reckoning       Patrick Bishop

The amazing Harvey      Ddon Tassman

The dog        Joseph o Neill 

The lost boys symphony      Mark Andrew Furgerson

Theft of memory      Johnathan Kozol

Vigilance        Paul Kelly  

 What is invisible        Kimbly Kilns

Where it hurts       Reed Frarrel Coleman

Why we came to the city   Chris Topher


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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