October 30, 2018 @ 10:24 PM

In 2008 I completed my book of poems now bring revised as part of my upcoming biography that, God willing, will be published next year.  As retirement draws nigh this coming Sunday I will share one of the poems daily.  l hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. 

Monday October 29. 2018 
Whatever Faith There Be (2005)

The World with all its myriad differences 
Is no less fabulous in its own way and means.
I begin to wonder--
Have I dwelt too much of late among the shining spires 
With no companionship, 
That the God’s demand? 

In the end, all toils are not for naught.
We must ponder of that which was good. 
Slay not the fond memories. 
Let them dwell with you. There is joy abounding! 

I am human, a thing I do well not to forget, 
For without faith God is nothing. 
Yet, in these dark times it seems  
Faith itself hangs in the balance.  

We cannot plead for mercy while dealing pain. 
The shelter of one’s own comfort will suffice.
The storms may put out the fire 
But life rages on.  

I look at the innocent shadows of the streets.
The time has come, I knew it would, 
When I must descend in fury upon my affairs. 
My faith has been restored 
Only to find that it had been misplaced.