November 18, 2018 @ 10:11 PM

As I heard the wonderful tributes  given at my retirement  service  I pondered how blest I have been  in this life. There were highs and lows, yet there’s no regrets. Much I traveled with my political oriented Dad. I have visited  some 76 countries, (some just stop-over’s but yet a visit adding up to a wonderful life, it was a blessing.  I have traveled all the Caribbean and most of  Europe
which is like traveling the USA state-by-state which I have done except Idaho
Beginning in the 70‘s I explored   AFRICA  visiting
Botswana, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho,  Liberia, Nigeria, Somalia, South-Africa, South-Sudan, Uganda.
Zimbabwe (when it was Rhodesia) 
In ASIA much was stop-overs yet  visited. My first port-of-call was  Australia, where  (Lived for 8 months),  China. Fiji, India, Israel, South-Korea,  Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Hong- Kong & New-Zealand
EUROPE was home for 18 years, there I was in  Belgium, Denmark, Finland,
France. Germany,
Iceland, Ireland,
Italy, Malta,
Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Spain,
United-Kingdom, (Lived 12-years ) Scotland, (Lived  4-years)  Isle of Man &  Gibraltar
North AMERICA stretches far than most know  its our  back yard along with Canada. I’ve plunged into Antigua-and-Barbuda, Bahamas, 
(Barbados a-come-frum),  Costa-Rica, Cuba, Dominica, (Lived  3-months  deported for political annoyance)   Grenada, Haiti,
Jamaica,  Mexico,
Panama, St.-Kitts-Nevis. St-Lucia,  St. Vincent, Trinidad (Lived  7-months)
My journey to  Guyana South-America lasted 11-years while there I roamed the continent to  
Argentina,  Bolivia,
Brazil, Colombia,
Peru,  Suriname, (during-a-cuop and asked to leave)  
Venezuela,(served an English speaking church
6-months)  Puerto-Rico,  Anguilla, Bermuda, Montserrat, 
British-Virgin Islands (St-John & St-Thomas),  
St-Martin (both Dutch & English)  
Turks-&-Caicos, French-Guiana, Guadeloupe, (asked to leave)  Martinique, 
St-Martin, Curacao & Aruba  (served a parish interim 3-months  each)
In this joyous season I  look back and rejoice my blessing which I now share, be blest this holiday season
Hartley. Dean of the Cathedral of
Good Shepherd. Jan. 2019