December 1, 2018 @ 12:11 PM

Oh My
November 30 Barbados celebrates its 52nd birthday as a nation much has changed since that November night in 1966 where at midnight the Union Jack  came down and the Trident went up.
 50% of my countrymen who  witnessed that night are no longer with us but one thing  has kept us proud there is no division among race we are all Barbadians  black or white 
in the USA black Americans call themselves “African-Americans but unlike Italian, German and even Cubans Americans they do nothing to support their so-called homeland Africa 
I do not blame them much for this since supporting many in Africa ends-up not as intended where corrupt despots rule the ruse and stuff their pockets
What  was alarming recently in  a meeting of  black intellectuals  none could name 5 countries in Africa without going to their cell-phones no  wonder their support to the 55-countries in Africa is non-existent
Blacks in America needs to get to the place where they aupport their country like the ballot box and vote on  issues, their lack of support  stifles their vioce yet they complain, which they should not if they do  not  vote such as they  did in the 2016  election in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Things will never go your way if you do not vote
To hear their president call their homeland  S… hole countries no African Americans spoke up, it would  have  been  a different story if he said  such of Italy or even Cuba  
Its  time to be Americans the color of your skins was determined by God, get on with life and be proud. CALL YOURSELF African Americans IF YOU LIKE but be Americans blest by  your  country