August 8, 2018 @ 1:12 AM

2010 on a visit to Oklahoma I peeked into the campus of Oral-Roberts-University, its pristine majesty was overwhelming. In 2011, I visited the Chrystal-Cathedral in California where Dr. Robert-Schuller preside each-week with inspirational messages. In childhood the family would listen to the radio where Billy-Graham, Jerry-Falwell, Jimmy-Swaggert & Maurice Carrillo (among others) gave hope through their messages.  We listened intensively, but now these beautiful images are gone, only the Mormon Tabernacle in Utah where I also visited still holds it majesty-of-faith.

Time, political and family infighting have taken these great monuments of faith from us; the Chrystal-Cathedral, Oral Roberts-ministry giants of the faith, GONE. 

Most of these ministries turned into organizations of political correctness empowering politicians and their causes. The Billy-Graham-crusades, once a towering of spiritual hope, have faded into history; the Gospel no longer a priority.  Immortality has a flag and same-sex marriage is normal, decency & truth is ripped from the bosom of faith where now we ask… Is-the-church-dying?  

We miss the calming voice of the Presbyterian Dr. James-Kennedy whose messages each-week gave hope to millions worldwide. 

Is-the-church-dying? We reject this but there is some truth in finding its ore.  As I repair to my Chapel-in-residence early each-morning where I seek God’s-guidance for the day, I sometimes wonder if He is listening. I listen to the beautiful Psalms sung by Kings-College Choir/England in the background, there I find solace which gives me strength to face the day.

Many countries around the world are in political, civil & economic crisis/strife, where faith once stood anger/violence now reigns.  We have been reduced to fractured lives by this thing called social-media


In the community where the ACW-Archdiocese-resides, the once prestigious M.-Zion-Baptist-Church led by one pastor for 40-years, after his death the church split in 5-divisions, infighting for leadership broke it apart (SAD).

The aforementioned ministries we shall not see again.  Our youth are fed with  the wrath of political-poison, prayer has been taken from schools and replaced by guns.

How we would like to see the likes of Graham, Falwell, Schuller & Roberts again, it’s a daunting-hope, but then I retreat St. Matthew’s-Gospel Chapter-24 VS 35  “Heaven and earth will pass away but my word will never”.  We must not allow the ship-of-faith to sail into an uncertain spiritual history.