September 28, 2018 @ 3:04 PM

I have lived a good life.  Not a privilege one but  comfortable. As a youth it seems following my father’s footsteps to   politics would  be my life, but then at  14 the inner call of ministry came, from there I would dedicate my life to God’s service.  It is not easy as a teenager to make good choices but my path to ministry was one where I have come to know was the best decision made.
In Ministry you have to constantly give your all, there’s no second option to your duty as  fresh challenges come daily. If there’s sincerity, you must heed its call.
My journey into the Episcopacy was a  non-planned one  and for the first year I  .........

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September 22, 2018 @ 11:05 PM

Recently a 47 year old Deputy-Warden of a juvenile detention center came to us in pain over his Catholic Church (CC).  As a life-long catholic considering separation, he wanted to know what the ACW position was regarding all that is going on in his Church. As a good friend, we enquired why he wanted to leave the CC to which he replied the pedophile-problems of their priests was his chief concern, but he had no disagreement with the spiritual teachings of the CC.
There are many administrative answers that we could have given, but we dealt with the question focusing on his faith and encouraged him not to leave the CC because of the malevolent behavior of a few.
The CC is 750 million strong worldwide and &...

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Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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