September 28, 2018 @ 3:04 PM

I have lived a good life.  Not a privilege one but  comfortable. As a youth it seems following my father’s footsteps to   politics would  be my life, but then at  14 the inner call of ministry came, from there I would dedicate my life to God’s service.  It is not easy as a teenager to make good choices but my path to ministry was one where I have come to know was the best decision made.
In Ministry you have to constantly give your all, there’s no second option to your duty as  fresh challenges come daily. If there’s sincerity, you must heed its call.
My journey into the Episcopacy was a  non-planned one  and for the first year I  struggled as there was various doubts.
My greatest  mistake was plunging  into Africa, namely South-Sudan & Uganda. Although I have traveled to Africa in the 70’s & 80”s I never understood its culture. My experience with the aforementioned countries that I truly came to understand, much to my regret, and although I shall not venture soon I shall  never close the doors of faith because they are all God’s children. We must always remember them in prayer  
As age pressed down our ministry  is now more defined. We are ready to hand the ACW over to younger leadership  but I shall remain in the shadows  to serve as requested.  Many have asked  what I’m going to do in retirement. I shall do as I have always done, serve our Lord as he has commissioned me, teach, preach and go wherever there is need  promoting  the Word of God. 
Ever faithful,