“With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love; Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. Eph. 4:2-6 KJV  

12 Dec 2017    Blessings All Around
“The WAC? (last-time we-shall-mention-their-name)  have nothing to do with the ACW and while we once thought of bringing them to legal accountability, we left it to you and the hand-of-God.”
10 Dec 2017    A THANKFUL LIFE
MY greatest joy… SERVING GOD WITHIN THE ACW.   God has allowed me to live to the fullest.
2 Dec 2017    A Lengthy Journey of Love
As it is convene so shall it be that the “necessary end will come when it will come.”  Blest be the tie that binds...
1 Dec 2017    Independence-Day-December
The ACW prays for countries celebrating their independence this month.
25 Nov 2017    Presiding Archbishop Hartley Walks in the Shoes of the Fisherman - Part 2
Beloved in Christ, walk with me as we obey-our-Lord’s-command, “Go-ye-into-all-the world-and-preach the Gospel”. 
20 Nov 2017    A Visit to “Mayberry”
How wonderful the experience to see the smile-on-family faces as we unexpectedly showed-up and they received a blessing...
12 Nov 2017    An Overview Of Last Week
It is evident that all denominations must work together in the spirit of unity.
4 Nov 2017    Welcomed in Partnership - The Diocese of Malek
Our House of Bishops concluded that they are God’s children.  And for this reason we cannot turn our back on  them. We welcome Bishop Peter and his Diocese...
2 Nov 2017    Fellowship
Jesus made the path to FELLOWSHIP an easy-one.  Do not allow social media to destroy the spiritual intimacy we share.
1 Nov 2017    Independence & Beyond
Celebrating Independence in the Month of November
31 Oct 2017    Nomination Sunday - Looking At The Future
It was a moving service that carried with it a theme of the future of the ACW.
27 Oct 2017    Bishop-Elect Anglican Church Worldwide     
A short bio and introduction of our Bishop-Elect, Rev'd Canon James B. Rocha


26 Oct 2017    Africa: Under A Starless Sky
God willing we shall help to bring some light into their starless-sky.
20 Oct 2017    We Have Been  Revived
In recent weeks we have seen a revival of generosity and commitment.
18 Oct 2017    No Time To Waste
As far as we are concerned all are welcome at God's table.
10 Oct 2017    Thank You and Thank You
We also thank the Headley Family of  Florida for the wonderful $55.000.00 gift of a 2014 RV.
8 Oct 2017    Bishop-Elect Notice
The future of the ACW leadership. 
7 Oct 2017    A Message from the Presiding Archbishop
We have truly been blest and we shall keep "Leaning-On-The-Everlasting-Arms".
6 Oct 2017    Mine Eyes Have Seen My Successor
Blest be the tie that binds. In a moment of prayer...  this past week was a light shining and... my successor was revealed. 
5 Oct 2017    Divine Blessing
We are grateful for blessings all around.
2 Oct 2017    News For October
We’re grateful to God that our work and vision has been rewarded.
1 Oct 2017    October - Celebrating Independence
 May the blessing of Almighty God be with those countries celebrating independence in October. 
27 Sep 2017    Blessings All Around
As we prepare to close September we thank you for your support
16 Sep 2017    The ACW Gives Thanks and Praise
Let us first give thanks to... God's-healing hand
15 Sep 2017    Take Up The Cross
In  the Kingdom of God there is always room for one more; but it brings no dignity with piracy, plagiarizers and   un-verified information.
6 Sep 2017    Don't Forget the Elderly
As we forge ahead in “Fellowship” Week we share an article we wrote in 2008 based of the treatment we saw the elderly given. We shall change nothing as the same is still happening today, our hope us that you take notice  
3 Sep 2017    Robert LeChiens
Remembering Robert "Bob" LeChiens
2 Sep 2017    Question For This Month
When was the last time...?
1 Sep 2017    Welcome September - “FELLOWSHIP MONTH”
Each day is a day of fellowship.
31 Aug 2017    Farewell To August
August was a hectic month for the ACW, we saw joy and sadness...
30 Aug 2017    Can It Be True?
Church Services In 2020
29 Aug 2017    Letter From A Friend
A letter from a friend, servant of the church and a brother in Christ in response to The State of the ACW  
28 Aug 2017    ACW  Mission Travels, USA
In these United-States I have visited 49 of our 50 states...  31 were  ACW  Missions.  When I am finished with the travels, if my American journey is to be completed, I still have to go to  IDAHO.  
27 Aug 2017    The State Of The ACW
...the State of the ACW  is good indeed and Safe in the arms of Jesus.
25 Aug 2017    Wearing The Shoes Of The Fisherman 
The Church does not need more  Bishops. What the church  need are  men who will lead and walk in the Shoes-of-the-Fisherman. 
24 Aug 2017    Alexis & Alexis
Alexis-W  how sad we are you left us... 
      Oh Alexis-K  how happy  we are to greet you !  
22 Aug 2017    Kevin & Kevin
As we welcome our new members in New Mexico, Fort Worth &  El Paso Texas (more Later) we share an old story now being revived.    In August of 2006 we wrote of Kevin &  Kevin, both members of the ACW, never thinking of another disaster that will fall by the way of the ACW.  Within the next few days we shall share the story of  Alexis & Alexis.   Joy but tragedy.   For the moment, lets recap Kevin & Kevin.
10 Aug 2017    Death of Alexis Winston
The Very Sad Announcement of the Death of Alexis Winston.
1 Aug 2017    Countries Celebrating Independence
Countries Celebrating Their Independence in August
31 Jul 2017    What Happen to Africa And The ACW?
The ACW has not dis-associated ourselves from Africa; we made an administrative decision to allow them to seek their own policy-guidance and how best to run their church in Africa.  
29 Jul 2017    Watch How You Go
An Introduction to "WATCH HOW YOU GO", a biography of Archbishop Hartley Ward
24 Jul 2017    Choices
They have found it necessary to use the entire information of the Anglican Church Worldwide (ACW) as their guidelines.
22 Jul 2017    It Is Well
There is peace and quietness in the ACW again... We are pleased to announce that Sunday, July 30-2017, will be ACW-Sunday as we invite many from around-the-country.


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