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From the Desk of the Dean
Archbishop Hartley 
For the past 22 years we have served the ACW presiding from the Good Shepherd Cathedral (GSC).  GSC is the Mother church of the ACW...  In GSC  you will see flags of world countries where you can find the Anglican-faith.

04-Sep-19 Now I Go to IDAHO

We shall visit September 27-30 and will attend Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church in Nampa IDAHO by the gracious invitation of their rector Fr Fisher...

05-Aug-19 What Has Happened to the Church?

The church in general has lost-its-luster, no longer a place where families attended-and-sit  together as family, now if they do go to church leave home in different-directions the family-generational church has faded 

28-Jul-19 Sunday, Trinity 6

Sunday, Trinity 6, 3 PM 

A service for a journey of Faith 

27-Jul-19 5 Hymns of My Childhood, Day 5

WITH AN OPORTUNITY TO ASCEND TO ANOTHER CHARGE TO SUPPORT HIS GROWING FAMILY Rev John Fawcett and his wife Mary was ready to move on, but his heart was with those whom he was about to leave me hind. Packed  and ready to go he could not,  thus, in 1755  he wrote, Blest be the Tie that Binds,
26-Jul-19 5 Hymns of My Childhood, Day 4

In June, 1879, 4 days before her death at the young age of 42, Frances Havergal wrote an inspiring thought of eminent death for an illness, as giving her life to God was always her theme, "Take My Life and Let It Be."  
25-Jul-19 5 Hymns of My Childhood, Day 3

History has it that Mr. Oatman wrote a hymn daily and his words of encouragement were always teaching others to reach their goals.

24-Jul-19 5 Hymns of My Childhood, Day 2

In 1901, Edgar Stites wrote, what for him was a melody of hope, I’ve Reached the Land of Corn and Wine (O Beulah Land).
23-Jul-19 5 Hymns of My Childhood, Day 1

The words speak for themselves. As a boy, our rector, Fr. Fareweather, would tell us not only to sing the hymn, but  while singing, read the words.

21-Jul-19 A Sermon for Today Part VII

As I begin my spiritual journey, we looked at the troubles I  have encountered  and reflect on the words of a man complaining of his-shoes,  until he met  a man with no feet...

06-Jul-19 A sermon for today Part VI

Don’t forget the elderly I wrote last week but now I broaden this that we must look out for each other if we see a pattern change, this does not invite nosiness but care and concern, a little intervention could be a life saver

04-Jul-19 Happy anniversary America

24 countries celebrate their independence this month some are in deep despair and instability. While we remember them all in prayer, we ask for special prayers for them especially those mentioned & noted by asterisk **  

02-Jul-19 Don’t Forget the Elderly

...every year at this time I remind you, DON’T FORGET THE ELDERLY. They gave much. Now its time to return the same.
01-Jul-19 Rebuilding the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

The most vibrant churches I’ve attended in my life have all had a day or two in each month when the men and women of the church could come together for a little breakfast or lunch and work on the church building.  Whether it was a scuff mark on a wall that needed painting, a tree over the parking lot that needed trimming, or just a dining hall that needed the tables and chairs rearranged, we all jumped in and had a great time.

01-Jul-19 Reclamation

Let us not doubt but that He will also favorably approve our godly purpose of setting apart this place (again) in a solemn manner, for religious worship, and let us faithfully and devoutly beg His blessing on this our undertaking.

20-Jun-19 A sermon for today Part V OPINIONS

While  I do not condemn anyone for their OPINION I  stand firm on the Word-of-God.
14-Jun-19 FATHERS' DAY

Fathers, have a joyful weekend as your children surround you. Be good, fathers, not only by check but with careful Fortitude.
13-Jun-19 “Songs of my Father’s” Psalms-74, A tribute

...I tell you today about my fathers, my Dad & Granddad, for they were not ordinary men, neither did they have great spiritual acumen. “They were my fathers.”
10-Jun-19 A Sermon for Today, Part IV

Shakespeare wrote, “Death, the necessary end, will come when it will come,” but that does not need assistance from you. LIVE, as if your life depended on it!

06-Jun-19 Flag Day, June 14th

All who have visited the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd will have seen all of the flags of the 282 countries of the world displayed within. As one person noted, it is a part of our personality, aiding the motto of the ACW: “Reaching Out to the World.”

05-Jun-19 Expanding Our Fellowship

Recently  we have been receiving emails of people who are interested merging with the ACW... The ACW welcomes all, but we must be bonded in honest, open fellowship.

30-May-19 Ascension Day

Our Lord did not allow the way He was treated on this earth to interfere with His love for us. He stands with us daily through our conflict, sorrows and joy. 

24-May-19 A sermon for today Part III

Memorial day is upon us again, parades, flags flying  and barbecues are top of the agenda, we mourn  those lost mostly lip service, but do we really remember the VETERANS who gave so much
20-May-19 A Sermon for Today, Part Two

There are wonderful, honest people all around you—in church, at work, or where you shop—that you already know. Who are also looking for companionship.

18-May-19 A Sermon for Today

We have also touched lives of many around the world where we have been visited on the website by 249 of its 282 countries.

14-May-19 Good Shepherd Restoration Fund

The contributions given are tributes to the faithfulness and fellowship of the parish in the community and the world...

14-May-19 When Will It Stop?

We are the guardians of faith; we must not get caught up in the political arguments, but do as the Word-of-God requires, to reach the soul of men. We eulogize too many young people; these are not celebrations...
11-May-19 Get Ready for Summer and the Flowers

Flowers are designed to give the a summer hope and bright fragrance, but what makes it so joyous is that Mothers Day falls within its spread.
09-May-19 How Soon We Forget!

...let us not take for granted that when the news media leaves the story, it is over. It’s not! For years it impacts the lives of thousands who suffer silently in grief and pain.

02-May-19 A Return to Duty

Please keep an eye on our website as many changes are in the offing...

24-Apr-19 The Long Road

The ACW's trials and overcomings in this Holy season.
01-Apr-19 Lord Jesus, Think of Me.

Today is a happy day for me but sad at the lost of my dear friend and Brother, Bishop Ronald Joseph in New York. 
07-Mar-19 A Message for Lent-Linda Carty

Around the world, over 10.6 Million people languish in prison, some unjustly and others rightly so. Some will say we should abandoned them, even those with harsh sentences. But we always extend a heart of love and forgiveness as Jesus himself did. 
02-Mar-19 Death...Never "Grand"

“Death the necessary end will come when it will come”; however, there is no such thing as a grand-funeral. Death in its finality is never grand.
22-Feb-19 Archbishop Hartley Celebrates 22 Years as Bishop!

Archbishop Hartley is the man most thought of when the Anglican Church Worldwide is mentioned, as he has become the personification of the church.

22-Feb-19 The Journey Continues

Our theme on consecration Saturday 1997 was “The journey begins”.   We are happy to report to you the journey continues... 
31-Jan-19 Robes of my Fathers

Robes do not make you a good clergyman.  They can only represent the authority of the office. It is up to the clergyman to assure that he is worthy of the office.
29-Jan-19 Watch How You Go

... “Watch How You Go” the story of a simple man whose vision is to serve God. But the journey is not yet completed.                                                                                                
27-Jan-19 My Patriarch--My Father

I love you, not only as my bishop, but also as my father who shall forever be with me...
17-Jan-19 “WELCOME”

For the past 22 years we have served the ACW presiding from the Good Shepherd Cathedral (GSC)  Belleville, Illinois.  GSC is the Mother church of the ACW...  In GSC  you will see flags  of world countries where you can find the Anglican-faith.  Visit our page on the  ACW website and keep abreast of our activities.  

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