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3 Sep 2017

Robert  “Bob”  LeChiens
Just a few weeks ago we stood in his chambers making light of the day talking about the Caribbean and lightly discussing our visiting together next year.  He had become a friend assisting the ACW in low profile cases in the local judicial system, always by the letter of the Law but with compassion.  His sudden death from complications of surgery August 31 rocked the judicial system in our community.  He was 65. 
First elected to the bench in 1998, he was a bright legal mind, a true intellectual of the bench. He was never afraid to take on complicated, complex litigation, including recently the Governor of our state in the current budget impasse. 
He was reelected in  November of last year.  He knew the law. He was a well-prepared guy all other judges agreed.  He will be sorely missed. We invite the ACW to pray for his family
Rest well my noble friend,
The family of the ACW   

H. Ward.


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