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20 Nov 2017

A Visit To “Mayberry”
(A Word At Thanksgiving) 
Sunday, November-19, with  the members of Good-Shepherd-ACW and  compliments  of Shop-“N”-Save Supermarkets,  we traveled  to doors in our community in the name-of-the-ACW dispensing Thanksgiving-turkeys  to those we knew were-in-need. It's our annual-fellowship with those in our community. Our only regret is that we could  not go beyond our community; but this is where our benefactor resides. 
How wonderful the experience to see the smile-on-family faces as we unexpectedly showed-up and they received a blessing along with refreshments from Coke-Cola.
Each year as this is done it reminds me (and-I-write) of “Mayberry” and the  simplicity-of-life it brought, though imagined. Back them little Opie walked the the streets with his toy-guns hanging from his waist.  His Dad, the Sheriff, never carried a gun and his inept-Deputy kept his lone-bullet in his pocket. Town drunk Otis came and went as he pleased from jail, parents allowed their children to play outside without fear of their safety, church and Sunday-dinner was the highlight of the weekend as Aunt-Bee whipped another wonderful Cuisine delight. How wonderful life was back then in “Mayberry”, though-imagined
As I watch reruns of the show, I wish it did exist  where church and Sunday-family-dinner was not a formality and people dined as family.
This week we celebrate Thanksgiving but that too has lost its flavor as people are gobbling down TG-dinner to begin the oh so tiring “Black-Friday-Shopping”; family time has been abandoned.
The ACW thank  those who gave us the gifts to dispense and wishes all and their families the blessing of the Season as we draw near to the end of another year.
Welcome to “Mayberry” -- even though imagined.
Presiding Archbishop-ACW 
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