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Words from the Patriarch of the ACW Vincent Millard Waterman and the Provost & Bishop-Elect Fr James Burke
18 Feb 2018

Reaching out to the World…and beyond
As the ACW launches into it House of Bishops (HOB) meeting we wish  to make the following  announcement  by his Beatitude Patriarch  of the ACW Vincent Millard Waterman in his written words. 
“There is a group calling themselves the worldwide Anglican church (wac)  who  has me listed as their Patriarch Emeritus. Their  descent into deceit, confusion and fraud is insurmountable and totally fraudulent. I wish to clearly state that I am in no way connected to wac. They have pirated information from our website using our name, f our members as friends as theirs, it hurts to see this. The  ACW is in  no way connectedwac. I have never met or even spoken to any members or officers  of this body. For the past  20 years I have served the ACW and will continue to do so until my journey ends. In  this internet age it’s easy to post   anything we wish they would remove our good name from their site but if they don’t we have notified you of this fraud. The ACW resides from the Office of the Presiding Archbishop  my son &  compatriot Hartley whom I’ve known all his life in Belleville Illinois USA
 Peace and love to you all  
Patriarch Vincent   Waterman ACW
From the Office of the Provost & Bishop-Elect Fr James Burke 
Our HOB convenes  February  23-25 at the  Cathedral of the Good Shepherd Belleville Illinois where we shall divest  and put forth a new agenda.
We welcome Bishop Peter Joh of South-Sudan, where 2 new Bishops  will be consecrated and another received. Only  ACTIVE parishes will be placed and promoted  on our website.
The ACW  will NOT   list clergy & parishes that do not exist or participate with their dues or  unverified credentials with no active ministry. We’re  always glad to see  expanding ministries from our work, but this must be done in   decency & honor. We shall judge by the evidence of  their deeds as our motto  demands  “Reaching out to the world”.  
The  ACW has purchased a home for the PA and its  successors, an RV provided for USA travels. All ACTIVE Clergy will be compensated. Some benefactors has agreed to subsidize our work. A vocational school will be establish in the USA and here in Grenada (where I reside). Archbishop J. David McGuire will continue to assist the  Patriarch office  and assist our webmaster
We shall aggressively  peruse planting active parishes in the Caribbean, Africa (in-part), Guyana in South-America, Australia & Belgium where  possible. We’re in negations with other conservative-Anglican-branches in the USA & England. 
We are grateful to our benefactors, the Headly,  Ferguson & Ward families, Companies Coke-Cola, State-Farm, Shop “N” Save Supermarkets and now American-Express for their  support. The Cathedral in Belleville Illinois  will open a Food Pantry March 16,  whose support will be international. 
The PA office shall 2018 (attempt) visits 10 USA cities and plan visit to the Caribbean & Africa  (upon approved funding) 
Weekly we receive emails fron across the world seeking to join us. Most we we’re aware of their agenda. We’re always interested in out-reach with others but we have crafted a policy there will be NO internet-relationships   we’ve not met, vetted, verified their physical existence, credentials  and work. Jf anyone wishes to be a part, welcome but be aware extensive background process willl take place for our protection. The ACW is interested in ACTIVE ministry & spiritual growth  not numbers. We will re-introduce our 
Face-book gradually  
A visit was made in 2017 to the graves of our founding Fathers Archbishop Alexander McGuire,
Our Second  Patriarch George Ford & Archbishop Wilfred Portier their vision still shines, may they  continue to rest in peace
In His Service ,
Office  of the Provost & Bishop-Elect James  
St Matthias ACW 
St George’s Grenada  



Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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