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1 Jul 2018

This July, 24 countries celebrate their independence.   Some with joy and others not, but as we travel along 2018 we continue to live in hope.

Burundi-1, Canada-1,
Somalia-1, Rwanda-1, Belarus-3,
United-States-4, Venezuela-5, Comoros-6,
Malawi-6, Solomon-Islands-7, Argentina-9,
South-Sudan-9, Bahamas-10, Kiribati-12,
São-Tomé-and-Príncipe-12, Montenegro-13,
France-14, Colombia-20, Belgium-21, Egypt-23,  
Liberia-26, Netherlands-26, Peru-28, Vanuatu-30
As they celebrate we send special prayers for Burundi, Somalia, Venezuela, and South-Sudan still mired in conflict as lawless governments inflict pain on their people. 

Many of you have written as to why we were silent in June.  We were in travels assessing the Anglican Faith (AF); many branches having thrown themselves into rebuilding the faith. As we have shared before, the church is no longer generational.  However, looking at the past 500 years, the AF remains strong.

The ACW is also reevaluating where we are and no longer fighting to open new parishes but building on what we have and extending a hand of fellowship to help others around the world.

This month the ACW will initiate a Suicide Hotline to assist those who have lost hope. To assist in this effort, a grant of $120,000.00 grant has been put on the table to begin this until this years end. A staff is now being put in place to begin our work.  We are compelled to seriously focus on this as each day in the USA 145 people commit suicide, mostly teenagers. We are compelled to get more involved to help save lives.

Secondly, we will partner with other denominations to make this a non-denominational project with the focus on bringing people “Back to Church” regardless where that church may be. We’re in talks with the AME, United Methodist, Lutheran and the Church of God.

Later this year the ACW plans to visit Port Elizabeth, South Africa and several Caribbean islands. We give thanks to God for those, without any agenda, that keep the fires of the ACW burning. Your support is invaluable.

This month we will begin a blog-page expressing our thoughts and exploring what’s going on in this most troubled world. The AF has churches in 161 of the world’s 282 countries and while we keep focus where the ACW is recognized we shall proclaim the gospel wherever possible.

The office of the Presiding Archbishop will now be changed to Metropolitan Archbishop, effective July 15. This change will enhance our role around the world. Please keep visiting our website for updates.

Our READ AGAIN program is going well; some 260 books already received.  By September, 1000 books will have been delivered.

Go forth with God this July as the second half of the year comes rolling in.

Be safe and be blest!!

+Hartley, Presiding Archbishop


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