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19 Oct 2018

I draw strength when I see those who have left the ACW flourish in their ministries.  We find joy in the fact that the good news inspired by the vision we set forth adds to the Anglican faith.  It brings us hope.

But it is bothersome when we see the websites of former associates, filled with false claims, listing others who don’t even know them.  There are over 200 Anglican websites, each claiming to be the right one.  Some websites shamefully show names and places that are fictional, where some of those named are dead, and others are listed on five or six different sites.  Many of the clergy named have no active ministry—they are just names plastered on the websites to give false credibility to themselves and to the incredulous organization.

How we sincerely wish that it was not so, for they have a message to share.  Our Anglican witness does not only need names, but it requires reasonable proof of where the named ministers are reaching lost souls, lifting the down-trodden, and healing the hurting.

As Lady Lois and I prepare to retire, not from ministry, but the day-to-day administration of the church, we wish that all those we leave behind would foster a ministry that can advance the faith.  The Anglican faith will always be with us but we need to more fully develop the ministry of outreach to those who are in need, physically, mentally and spiritually.  For if we do not, our ministry will fade away as swiftly as it appeared.

The World Wide Web is a beautiful and powerful medium, but too many use it to glory themselves instead of the work of God.  As to some of our clergy, many have their names posted on the church’s website, but have no personal ministerial assignments   Many desire to be challenged with a mission.

My desire is that all who start out to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ will do it as our Lord has commanded: “GO INTO THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOSPEL…,” and touch the hearts and lives of dear souls with our ministries.  And not be just a name posted on a website with no spiritual purpose nor fellowship with the members of the clergy.

Abp. Hartley


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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