Sunday Morning - GSAC
Sunday December 1.  2019
Advent 1    10 AM      

L: Blessed be God Father, Son and Holy Ghost
P: And blessed be his kingdom forever
L: We pray for the nation of Barbados
P: That they will be blest in  their 53rd year

Processional: From This Hill                                             HDW
From this hill O Lord we pray, Guide us Lord by night and day 
Guide us for our church to See, Thy flowing mercies  full and free

Holy Gospel we shall read, from it we find our need
Here we love to praise and sing, Hallelujah! Christ our king
Our prison full of youth, Sad and lonely tis the truth
Girls and boys alike we plead, Come to Jesus he’s your shield
Our hearts to him we give, Proud and calmly shall we live
Here his call trust and obey. Walk with Jesus all the way
Ever faithful we shall go Let thy hand guide us all
May we pray and always show In this life we may yet know
Good Shepherd now we  say. Glory to God on this blest day 
Grant us Lord that from this hill, We’ll hear your voice and be still

The Holy Eucharist
Sursum Corda (C) The Lord be with you                        
Sanctus: Holy, holy, holy
The Lords Prayer ///Angus Dei   

Communion Hymn  # 322  R       Rock of ages                          Toplady
The Homily 

                                   The Word of God
The First Lesson:    Romans 12 1-18                          
The Psalms 96: Cantate Domino    Ms Jo Ann Lyles P: 459     BCP                  
                                                           A Solo                                           Mother  Dorothy Wick                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
The Sequence Hymn# 427 R Your love O God   Tilman 
The Holy Gospel.   Proverbs 8, vs. 1->1 2                   THS

Mrs Ethel Shanklin                               
Gospel Introit## Barbados                      
  (See back) 
SERMON                                                          The Dean
Prayers of the People   Absolution/ Peace
Offertory  & Offertory Hymn#127 R              Thank you HDW
Thank you lord for Ethel Shanklin, So  firm but yet so  mild 
Never absent, never fleeing,
Jesus brought her here to us   CHORUS
Here within Good Shepherd, O Lord make us whole,
Praising  joyful adoration, Where you heal and cleanse our soul
Thank you lord for Susie Thomas,
Give her good health day and night
Protect her constant always, Let her to thy bosom fly CHORUS 
Thank you Lord for Jo Ann Lyles 
For her loyal drive each week 
Give her always  royal protection 
In  the kingdom of Thy grace  CHORUS
NOTICES: Barbados celebrated its 53rd birthday November 30. We salute our nation
Recessional Hymn#127 R            Hark the herald                                      Wesley                                                                                                    
L: Go in peace this mass is ended
P: Thanks be to God









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