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29 Jul 2017

It took 10 Years  but my biography is now complete and will be ready for bookstores this October, titled “Watch How You Go” the story of a simple man whose vision is to serve God. Yet the journey is not yet completed.
Coming from a family-of-politicians my journey was designed to be in politics as my education dictated, but political-negotiations was not my calling, yet I could not avoid politics.  Thought-out my life I have met more high-ranking politicians than high-ranking churchmen. In the USA I lunched with a Governor who went on to be President (Bill-Clinton), a State-Senator from Illinois stood on my-doorstep seeking support for his run for the Senate nomination.  6-years later he was President (Barrack-Obama).  Met Ronald-Reagan in a receiving line when he was President and visited my country.  
As a boy shook hands with Prince-Charles and stood before Queen Elizabeth who visited our school.  But I had days of political Conflicts. In  1975 in Surinam  finding myself in the middle of a military-coup and dining with the rouge President (Desi Bouterse).  Visited the  Palace of Liberian-President William-Tolbert, with Dad)  a month before he was assassinated.  Dined in the Kings Palace in Lesotho (again with Dad). 
In Canada in my early 20’s was arrested for protesting how Commonwealth-immigrants were treated when they arrive.
In 1979 not allowed off the plane as I arrived in Grenada in the midst of a political crisis.  Ending up in Guadeloupe where I was promptly arrested and deported the next day.  Met the same fate in Dominica because (as they said) I insulted the Prime-Minster in a sermon. Those were the early days of a young-priest.  In the USA I’ve visited 49-states (missing Idaho), preached a sermon in 22, and traveled over 300-thousand miles in the name of the Gospel in 20 years, mostly for the ACW.  I have visited 65-countries from the sweltering opens of Perth-Australia to the dusty corridors of Bombay-India,and all 16-English speaking-Islands of the blue-waters of the Caribbean.  Death nearly called in October-11-1976 when Cubana-airline I flew from Guyana to Barbados.  It landed safely but crashed 28 miles after it took off from Barbados killing 55  
My life has been a mixture of politics and religion but nothing greater than a Rainy-Saturday-Afternoon-February-22-1997 when the charge of Bishop was given bringing new wonderful experiences.  My bio will tell you of my journey.  Yet my contribution is not complete. I’ve written over 5000-poems & 800-hymns which (God willing)  may carry my legacy for generations.
In the end some will say 
You should have stayed longer  
Others may not be sorry to see me go 
But my visit helped many  
As I help quell their fears 
Some will complain 
But many will share the joy of my visit  
When things were good no credit was given 
When it was bad I took the blame   
If there was season of gratitude  
I would have shown it more  
Now as age presses on  
The world and the church remains forever  
I came and did my part to make the world better 
Like  the wind  making my contribution 
Blowing  over the land and passing on 

AB Hartley Ward


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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