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Location and Date of some of our visitors for various time periods.

If the same location is listed more than once on the same date, it simply means that the visitor returned again or another visitor from that same  location visited us on that day.  Either way, we are glad that you stopped by.  Keep visiting and invite a friend along. All are welcome.

2018-06-06  Chicago, Illinois, US

2018-06-06  Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, US

2018-06-06  Belleville, Illinois, US

2018-06-06  Bogota, Distrito Especial, Colombia

2018-06-06  Ghana

2018-06-06  Branson, Missouri, US

2018-06-06  Dallas, Georgia, US

2018-06-06  Kampala, Uganda

2018-06-06  Philippines

2018-06-05  US

2018-06-05  Kampala, Uganda

2018-06-05  Nigeria

2018-06-05  Cincinnati, Ohio, US

2018-06-05  Uganda

2018-06-05  Kampala, Uganda

2018-06-04  Ambridge, Pennsylvania, US

2018-06-04  De Pere, Wisconsin, US

2018-06-04  Belleville, Illinois, US

2018-06-04  Washington, District of Columbia, US

2018-06-04  Kampala, Uganda

2018-06-04  Columbia, Missouri, US

2018-06-04  Blairsville, Georgia, US

2018-06-04  Ghana

2018-06-04  Perth, Western Australia, AU

2018-06-03  Beijing, China

2018-06-03  Blairsville, Georgia, US

2018-06-03  Bridgetown, Saint Michael, Barbados

2018-06-03  Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, US

2018-06-03  Belleville, Illinois, US

2018-06-02  Kampala, Uganda

2018-06-02  Bridgetown, Saint Michael, Barbados

2018-06-02  Belleville, Illinois, US

2018-06-01  Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

2018-06-01  San Diego, California, US

2018-06-01  Belleville, Illinois, US

2018-06-01  Highlands, North Carolina, US










           Praise the Lord  (English)                            


  Ma-KAM-wa a-SHEEM-way  (Uganda)  

Prys die Here  (Afrikaans)   



  laudate Dominum   (Latin)


kumtukuza Bwana  ( Swahili )   


Kyrie Eleison (Greek) 
'Lord have mercy'
prisa Herren  (Swedish)
prega il Signore     (Italian)
badumise uJehova    (Zulu)
Beni swa Letènèl! Glwaradye! / Haitian Creole


Kami o tataeyo   神を称えよ Japanese




Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
                                                                                       Under the Protection of the Cross                                                                                                                          

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