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Anglican  Church Worldwide 
National Chancery (NC)
9305 Lebanon Road 
Belleville Illinois 62223 USA  
Tel: (618) 213-7617
Patriarch/Archbishop V.           Dr. Charles Connor             Panama City Florida                                                                 
Duties of the ACW Patriarch... 
Spokesman for the Church if required, to the media, the public, and the faithful on issues,
conflicts, and society problems.
Voice of unity in the Church encouraging peace and concord and an end to disagreements
and conflicts in the Church.
The resolver of good order and discipline in the Church especially among the clergy.
Ensures that the faith of our fathers is maintained and respected.
Ensures  sound financial stewardship in the Church.
Overseas the office of the presiding Bishop to maintain good order. 
Presiding Bishop                              +Hartley
Under the guidance of the House of Bishop administers the church, reporting to them upon their  request. 
Chancellor                                        Bishop Edwin Tompkins           Jacksonville Florida 
Special advisor to advise the House of Bishop and requested clergy.   
Bishops in Residence  
Christopher Atherley, Barbados West Indies 
Ernest Ross, Pennsylvania 
Bishops Elect  
James Burke, St. George Grenada
David Fichen Hamilton,  New Zealand 
Simon Majak,  Louisville Kentucky. All Africa
*The Auxiliary Bishop duties
Caretaker of a Diocese when Diocesan Bishop is unavailable 
Leader of educational duties of the faith especially children
Assistant to Presiding Bishop  
Chief of Staff, Ms Harriett Gipson
Administrate the Office of the Presiding Bishop  
General Secretary, Ms Ella Vannoy, Nashville TN
Coordinate the duties of the region diocese and report to the Presiding Bishop   
General Secretaries
Southern Jurisdiction: Ms Ella Vannoy 
Midwest & West Indies;  Ms Linda Brown, Missouri   
Caribbean:  Ms Antoinette Harewood, Bridgetown Barbados 
Asia:  Mrs. Naomi Warner, Brisbane Australia   
General Treasurer
Mrs. Ethel Shanklin (NC)
Communication  Director,
Ms. Sue Thomas (NC)
Senior Advisors to the Presiding Bishop 
Ms. Jo Ann Lyles, Missouri 
Dr. Robert Weatherby, New South Wales Australia
Mr. Henry Wilkes,  O’Fallon  Illinois 
Mr. Barry Jackman, Mattapan Massachusetts
Fr Ronald Solomon,  Albuquerque, New Mexico
Fr Damon Gilchrist,  Montréal Canada 
**No photo’s will be published until all positions are active and firm for a 90 day period 
Parishes & Affiliates
*Due to the predatory behavior of some groups calling themselves Anglicans we shall not publish parishes  until the succession of the new Presiding Bishop February 22, 2021. Enquires can be made of parishes and its clergy by email at Anglicanchurchw@aol.com
(However  parishes may  place their information on our site if they so desire)
Parish  information will be released upon their  request. Some are in Bible Study formation  
Belleville Illinois (P)
St Joseph Theological Seminary, Bishop J. David McGuire, President   
East St Louis Illinois (P)
Cahokia Illinois (A)
Chelsea Oklahoma  (P)
Panama  City Florida (P)
Jacksonville Florida (A)
Albuquerque   New Mexico (P)
Virginia Beach Virginia (A)
El Paso Texas (A)
Cyprus Texas (A)
Baltimore Maryland (A)
Louisville  Kentucky (P)
Grand  Rapids Michigan (A)
Okemos Michigan (P)
Kalamazoo Michigan  (P)
Mattapan Massachusetts (P)
Nashville Tennessee (P)
North Little Rock Arkansas 
St  Joseph Missouri (P)
Australia (P)
New Zealand (A)
Romania (A)
Dominica (P)
Guyana (P)
St Bartholomew (P)
St Kitts (P)
Anguilla (P)
Grenada (P)
Barbados (A)
St Vincent (A)
Montserrat (P)
South Sudan (P)
Canada (A)  
(P) Denotes Parish placement 
(A) Denotes affiliates placement
Flags  flying this summer...
Botswana, Burundi,  Democratic-Republic-Of-Congo, Equatorial-Guinea, Ethiopia,  Ghana, Kenya,  Malawi,  Mozambique, Nigeria, South-Africa, South-Sudan, Zimbabwe  Gabon Zambia     
Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh. Fiji, Vanuatu,  India,  Iraq, Israel, Japan 
Pakistan, Philippines, New-Zealand, Papa New Guinea   
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy 
Liechtenstein, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, United-Kingdom 
Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Canada, Dominica, El-Salvador, Grenada, Haiti 
Jamaica, Panama, St. Kitts-Nevis, Trinidad 
South. AMERICA  
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru 
Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela 


Reaching Out to the World and..... Beyond
Under the Protection of the Cross

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