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This begins a 10-part series on 'WHAT IS THE VISION OF THE ACW'
Hanging high on the walls in the office of the ACW Patriarch, before the ever-present-computer, are 11 photos of men we admire the most. 

Archbishop George Ford
Archbishop Wilfred Portier
Archbishop Vincent Waterman
Archbishop George Alexander McGuire
Archbishop Thomas Becket
Archbishop Thomas Crammer
Archbishop  Robert Runice
Archbishop Michael Ramsey
Hartley Rufus Ward
Hartley Clovis Ward, Senior
General Douglas MacArthur
This journey of our life could have not been possible except  for the influence of these men. Someone recently asked me, "What is the ACW's vision". The short answer is we have none (at least not a written one); or as our Dad would say “Talk has no cash value”,  but here is the ACW VISION we live by.
As a member of the St.-Clair-Community-Service-Board-System, each week young  people are sent to us for community service. Currently 16 are registered to us for guidance…… THIS IS THE ACW VISION
There are 5 young people across the USA and 2 abroad who are in college, by the recommendation of the ACW to benefactors, to become future leaders of the world……THIS IS THE ACW VISION
There are 23 Homeless-Veterans in our community recently placed in our charge to assist them in getting their lives back-on-track. This is not an easy task but we shall try……THIS IS THE ACW VISION 
The United-Nations gave to our care 300-lost-boys from South-Sudan to help them in resettlement in the USA. We are doing this……….THIS IS THE ACW VISION
The theme of our consecration in 1997 was “The Journey Begins”; 2016  it continues.

Part 2.……Next week 


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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