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(Due to a medical setback part 2 did not come as promised. But here it is.)
Since the ACW came into being and we were charged to implement its building, we have done so with joy in travels across the  USA. I have visited 49  states, but I have not yet traveled to IDAHO.  Wherever I land I try to spread the existence of the ACW, the gospel, and vison of our Faith; the Anglican Faith.
A vision comes not from writing on a piece of paper, which most will not read, or outdated theories  to impress others of my credentials; but from the evidence of footwork that goes with the journey  (mostly like a-hole-in-one with someone in tow). Even if  I have not reached IDAHO.  
Since 1998 I have traveled  and preached on behalf of the ACW's Vision to 32 states (listed here )...
*Nome, Alaska
*Little Rock, Arkansas
*Flagstaff, Arizona
*San Francisco, California
*Springfield, Connecticut 
*Hollywood, Florida
*Atlanta, Georgia
*Council Bluff, Iowa  
*Plainfield, Indiana
*Louisville, Kentucky 
*Lenexa, Kansas
*Mattapan, Massachusetts  
*Tupelo, Mississippi 
*Baltimore, Maryland  
*Kittery, Maine  
*Minneapolis, Minnesota 
*St. Joseph, Missouri 
*Kalamazoo, Michigan
*Elmwood Park, New Jersey
*New York City, New York
*Salisbury, North Carolina 
*Portland, Oregon
*Dublin, Ohio.
*Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
*Fay City, Pennsylvania
*Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota  
*Nashville, Tennessee
*Canyon,  Texas
*Brattleboro, Vermont
*Alexandria, Virginia
*Morgantown, West Virginia
*Milwaukie, Wisconsin 
Representing either by passing through or resting over 1000 cities, this is the vision of the ACW, where we proudly  proclaim our Motto “Reaching out to the world and beyond”.   This is the vision of the ACW; where  hopefully, I may soon get to IDAHO.
This is the Vision of the ACW


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
                                                                                       Under the Protection of the Cross                                                                                                                          

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