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“Reaching Out To Africa”
Atop our  face-book page is a photo of bibles that was sent to Uganda by a member of the ACW in the USA. The  focus is not the gift but what it means. In this social media world the reading of the Word of God has been lost; churches have all but eliminated bible study as members agendas are too busy.
Africa is catching up on social media but the bibles sent is part of the ACW's vision to keep them informed that the Word-of-God will not go away. The ACW will continue “Reaching out to the World” via the Holy Scriptures.
To Africa, we must not forget  to reach out to them with small steps of outreach. We must try to help them when and wherever we can. We must encourage those Africans who reach foreign shores not to forget those they left home; small contributions such as bibles can be a blessing to many.
We also encourage organizations and groups  to reach out to Africa. Especially those who talk of their roots, yet do  nothing to help. The Christian spirit should be one of love and caring  and while we cannot always be our brother’s keeper, we must show concerned for their well-being.
The ACW now resides in Uganda, Kenya and South-Sudan; here is where we begin.


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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