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A Visit to Archbishop McGuire

In the movie The Magnificent Seven, after being robbed by Calvera’s yearly  men, the men of the village were mad. Each year they planted their crops only to have them taken away resulting in not being able  to feed their families. So they gathered in conference. “We cannot allow this to continue, we work hard and our bellies go hungry, WE MUST DO SOMETHING”. But from where came the rallying cry.  “BUT WHAT”, another replied. “I don’t  know, lets ask the old man of the village”.  The old man implored them to fight. Fight.
I hear the same ringing in the ears of ACW; but the question is, are we willing to fight for the ACW.  Will we give of our best to make this Vision a successful one.

In this effort, the Patriarch office will make a pilgrimage  to visit the grave of Archbishop George Alexander McGuire. On August 14, 2016, in New York perhaps standing before his grave inspiration will come.
There we will lay a wreath at his  82-year-old grave  at  Summit Plot,  Section 11, Grave #43, in  Woodlawn Cemetery,  Bronx, New York, where it is  hoped that such a visit will bring further inspiration to us.


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