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Vision:  To Look Beyond Social Media And The News

As we ponder how two ACW altar-boys ended up  incarcerated for long terms in USA prisons, we sat recently in utter disgust as we heard from a black youth age 20, “it more likely that I will be shot by the police than another black man. Why the thought of being shot comes up I really don’t know; but,  I rally to the point that the media-frenzy that we have now of instant-news and social-media is driving us into the ground...literally.
There was a time when news was checked-and-rechecked before it hit the news.  But today just an allegation is a headline story and the media is upset if the allegation is not true; it has no ratings value to them. TV anchors report in one sentence that 10 people were killed.  The next sentence is into the next story as if those 10 lives did not matter.
As pastors, it is imperative that we keep  interest in church attendance a vigorous part of our outreach. Hardly does anyone show up for bible-study and Sunday-school and running coffers of parishes are ignored.  When a new face shows (that you do not know), you wonder what they want.  A young man recently visited an ACW parish for the first time; but as service adjourned, he asked if they could lend him a $100.00 till payday. They did not.  He has not been seen since.
Thinking of how it was 40 years ago is mute.  We are in a new age where social-media controls the WORLD. Mayberry is gone and Opie has grown up.  Social-media will get worse and more technical as more apps find themselves in our lives. Groups like ISIS continue to  use it to hate-and-kill. Young people cannot live without a cell phone.
In all of this God’s word is ignored, EVEN-BECOMING-Irrelevant.  Families DO-NOT-ATTEND-CHURCH-TOGETHER.  They do so only when there are problems in the family; then the pastor is called. The revival  we seek to implement, outreach, garners very little attention and we are left to try harder as we compete with social-media.  The  church must not give up.  We must continue-to-fight. The Word-of-God is now being  analyze to meet personal and political agendas, thus a new challenge we face. Let us continue to live in God’s Grace and not be a victim of the news and Social Media.


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