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Revisiting The Dinner Table

The church will not become successful again, as it was in the early 19th & 20th century, until we get families back to church together again.  And where does getting family back to the church again benefit the church. Its where family talk, share and fellowship.  But I now ask!!!  Whatever happened to the dinner-table?
There was a time when all  came home and dinner was set. There were discussion of how each others day was and grandma would call. Todays dinner-table is  a decorated showpiece  where families display their finest-dishes for friends to admire.
The economy is blamed for the demise of the dinner-table. Mom and Dad are working, they come home tired.  The kids rush to their room for the XBOX and talk on the phone with friends they have been with all day at school.
Mom calls Dad on the cell  and tells him to pick up dinner, he arrives with separate bags hands them off  to their respective parties who retreat to their room.  The night fade into the morning and it's the same all over again.
The dinner-table use to be a place of conversation. Life was discussed, family problems thrashed out; a time when you knew what your children did. No more.
The lack of the dinner-table today is the  cause of many social-problems.  Families do not talk unless the police arrives knocking at the door. 13-year-old daughters  are having sex in  their parents' home.  Condoms in their sons pocket are a required item. What does the dinner-table have to do with the CHURCH AND ITS VISION?  We are guilty of not promoting this old tradition. Thus, causing ruckus.
The ACW's vision, in this ever increasing lawlessness society, is to promote bringing back the dinner-table. Personally, I remember a time when on Friday nights our family dressed  for dinner, it was a delightful family time. We talked about everything.  Afterwards we put on aprons and washed the dishes.
Even Thanksgiving and Christmas, families  come from far-and-near, but by mealtime, everyone  grabs a plate and go into separate corners.  The guys to watch football; the ladies to talk to each other. 
Our vision again in the ACW, as best we can, is to promote the dinner-table again as a place-of-unity and fellowship. Its time to yank the  decorated-place-settings off.  It is time to sit and enjoy family.

This is the vision of the ACW



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