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In our continued vision we greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; hoping that in your reading you are experiencing his joy. We welcome you to the Anglican Church Worldwide (ACW) in the African continent, namely Uganda. As Patriarch of this Holy Body, it is not only my duty, but my joy  and honour  to welcome you as we see the vision of our faith expanding in Africa; bolstering the vision set forth in our Mission Statement “Reaching out to World and …beyond.

Africa is going through a time of conflict where social and political turmoil remains, but you must never give up hope. In  the ACW, we continue to hold fast to that which we begun guided by the hand of God  through the extension of prayer and the abiding faith we share as Anglicans; a journey which is centuries old.

The leadership provided by our Metropolitan Archbishop Christopher Lwanga Tusubira is an example of how Africa can go forward if we commit ourselves to its progress. Our new ACW/African website will take an expanding role, but cannot do so without your support. It will focus on Africa, but fully committed to our vision where we shall work together to the glory of God; not only in one corner but all over the continent.

We invite you to look around, share your thoughts with us; always mindful that our duty is the unity of prayer for each other sharing the goodness of our God.



Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
                                                                                       Under the Protection of the Cross                                                                                                                          

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