General Synod Overview

What is the General Synod of  the Anglican Church Worldwide (ACW)

The ACW Synod brings together Clergy to discuss the future of the Church and to fellowship with each other.

Because of the ACW's geographical reach it is important that Bishops, Clergy and  Laity meet as one. Although there is a hierarchy, fellowship is combined leaving titles behind but with administrative order.

The General Synod is the deliberative legislative body that was instituted in 1999, as the ACW was formed to be the culmination of a process of rediscovering self-government for the ACW.
The functions of the ACW Synod:
  • To pass measures dealing with the government of the Church and its institutions, including Canons, determining doctrine and forms of worship  
  • Also to approve the liturgy and make other rules and regulations that strengthens the Church 
  • It also serves to open dialogue with other churches; to consider and express their opinion on any other matter of religious or public interest
  •  To maintain links to the Anglican Faith in the administration of Ceremonies, such as Sacraments, Baptism and Holy Communion.
The General Synod is presided over by an Archbishop elected by the House of Bishops
The ACW Synod is bi-annually but can be called annually if there is need.

 Catheral of Good Shepherd 

9305 Lebanon Road  --  Belleville, IL 62223
Friday-Sunday, June 18-21, 2020

 Inquiries can be made via email to:

Archbishop Hartley

Come join us in this time of celebration.  Our agenda will be published prior to our scheduled date. Be sure to check back for additional information and updates as we prepare for Synod 2020.


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