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“What Do We Do Now”?

As we launch our new website the question to the ACW, What do we do now?  There are many questions before us, how do we use our website to build the faith? How do we reach out to lost souls; how do we teach the word of god? The answers we must find in ourselves, by the commitment we share.

The ACW is moving slowly along.  The changes we seek will take time but as we journey along, we must take a deep look at the pressing demands of this ever changing world.  The Church of England fledging on same sex marriage is a new low to our faith. We cannot understand why they would stray form the Word of God.

Africa is the fastest growing continent of faith in all Anglican branches. The continent cannot be ignored, but how we support them we do not yet know. Theirs is an economy of hope that the Church will never be able to change. They need financial resources and support to spread the gospel and build up their churches

What to do about our clergy”? There was a time when becoming a Priest was a community celebration. Priest went from door to door, but again economic times are driving Priest from the Church. Seminaries are empty; young-men want instant economic success in their future. Some are beginning their own churches with no Theological training.  They want to be priest, but not have the patience to study, promoting emotional ministry with short term effect. 

“What to do about our pews“? Church pews are eroding with emptiness; even those born into the faith are departing from its teachings. Congregational coffers are dwindling as members are finding it difficult to keep their financial commitments, the economy takes the blame   

In the last few years the internet has given the church greater outreach to the world. We meet people from every corner of the globe, but this is more sensation than ministry. The ACW boast 47 countries on it Face-Book-Page visiting or showing an interest in our work, but how much this translates into ministry of lost souls we know not.

What will be the future of the church 5 years hence? Will the church (denominations) hover themselves in political correctness, scrapping totally the Word of God. What do wedo about our faith, our church, reaching lost-souls; these are the questions that the church must seriously address, else all we have done and plan to do will be of no consequence. 



Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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