VISION for the ACW

  PLEASE ?????
None of them denies this malfeasance; but what is most disturbing...  
There are too many Bishops in the Continuing-Church (CC) of the Anglican-Faith (AF) that do nothing but carry a title when there is much to be done by Bishops. ‘We are the men who rule the church... 
  I Have Gotta Go to Idaho
I wish to share with you a little of my travels across the great-divide-of-the-USA, my journey continues, BUT I HAVE GOTTA  GO TO IDAHO.
  What Do We Do Now?
There are many questions before us, how do we use our website to build the faith? How do we reach out to lost souls, how do we teach the word of god? The answers we must find in ourselves by the commitment we share 


Reaching Out to the World and....... Beyond
Under the Protection of the Cross  

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