The Men Who Rule the Church

The Men Who Rule the Church

There are too many Bishops in the Continuing-Church (CC) of the Anglican-Faith (AF) that do nothing but carry a title when there is much to be done by Bishops. ‘We are the men who rule the church‘, we are charged by the grace of God to set the agenda for its future, but too many Bishops in the CC  run around in beautiful robes being called THE MOST THIS or the MOST THAT without offices, only their exalted existence. It is time for these men to find their place in Gods service heeding the call to which they have been charged.

Bishops are called ‘Princes' of the Church and should command respect by their titles, but titles do not enhance the work of the church. Bishops should be judged by the evidence of their deeds.   From there you will find respect.

There is nothing wrong with titles, but they must be used to God’s glory not for those of whose name they are attached. We as Bishops must go out from our offices and safe pulpits and return to where the gospel is most needed; the lost, and the inflicted. In today’s changing world we do not advocate putting yourself in physical harm’s way, but we must be diligent.

St. Paul gives advice to Timothy,  “If a man desires the office of a Bishop, he desires a good-work.  A Bishop must be blameless, be of good-behavior, given to hospitality, teach; worthy, steadfast and preach the gospel. Timothy or Jesus had no Cathedral, no office, no fix place of abode, yet their message still beckons to the call of leadership today.  Our work as Bishops must now shine to be an example, especially for young clergy. We must not make ourselves unreachable, or allow our titles and fancy robes to make us aloof from those whom God has placed in our care.  “We are the men who rule the church”, not by titles or education, but only, and only, BY THE GRACE OF GOD



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