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24 Jul 2017

There is an organization out there calling themselves the Worldwide Anglican Communion. They have found it necessary to use the entire information of the Anglican Church Worldwide (ACW) as their guidelines. And this in itself would not be troublesome had they not stolen and plagiarized it.  Plagiarism is a crime in many parts of the world but seemingly not in Africa, specificity Uganda. Soon they will discover that they have been deceived by others who claim to be of the Anglican faith.


The Canons, vision, and general information was contrived by our first Patriarch, Archbishop George Ford, and re-affirmed and re-written by Hartley under the Patriarch’s authority.  We are offended by the process that they would not find their own door.


The ACW tried for four years to work in Africa.  However, they would not secure legal recognition from their respective governments, thus making the ACW an illegal church; we have removed ourselves from such and will for the time being furnish our work in North America.  Also, verification of facts are not easy to ascertain.  We owe this to our benefactors. 


In the process of trying to establish their church, letters were written to our paid server claiming to be the authority; an attempt to hack our bank account also took place, both failed. Hacking of a bank account is a crime in the USA; thus the bank and ACW have turned it over to Federal Authorities in the USA.


THERE is always room for one more as long as it helps the Faith. There are at least 37 branches of the Anglican Faith around the world claiming to be the right one. The ACW does not, but our guidance comes from our acceptance of the 39 Articles of Religion which is authored in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer of which we subscribe.


Please be advised that the ACW WILL NEVER ASK YOU for MONEY via the internet and any such attempts are fraudulent.


Our face book will be used on a limited basis as we see fit.  You can find information on our website called “TODAY”.


From the office of the Presiding Bishop


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