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31 Jul 2017


What Happen to Africa And The ACW?


Over the last two weeks we have received many emails asking about our Leave-of-Africa. The ACW has not dis-associated ourselves from Africa; we made an administrative decision to allow them to seek their own policy-guidance and how best to run their church in Africa.  


Africans by nature are good and decent people who for centuries have been ignored by the rest of the world. They are caught in, social, political, and ethnic imbalance (sadly).  Someone recently wrote that if the rest-of-world send a BILLION-$ a day to Africa their current infrastructure will-not-change. What they need is education of how to govern their lives in the reality of the real-world and not unrealistic-emotional hope.


Our leave from Uganda, Kenya, and South-Sudan was led by their administrative policies and recent connections with some Japanese-pretenders who called themselves clergy; but after exhaustive-investigations, cannot be verified-or-identified. Further verification of facts from Africa is difficult to ascertain for our members and benefactors. (Talk-has-no-cash-value).  Accountability never became a reality, causing many-questions.  Also, their lack of Government-registration left many questions as asked by their local authorities when we investigated creating an uneasy-peace.


The ACW does not blame Africa for it all. Our excitement of having them being a part of us, led us not to ask questions.  Thus, we too are guilty and share the blame. We regret this.


We are pleased with our African-journey and when the time comes again we will explore. Our presence in Equatorial-Guinea and South-Africa (affiliation) will continue. 


So what happen with Africa?  NOTHING; just administrative changes. Africa needs guidance and support from the rest of the world, wherever it will be accepted. BUT-IT-BEGINS-WITH-THEM.  President Obama on visiting Africa 2-years-ago told their leaders to “Respect-the-rule-of-law, leave power when their time is up, respect the Will-of-the-people, this is where life can begin-in-Africa”. 34 of their 53 countries have some kind of civil-unrest. That HAS TO CHANGE.


Love-them, guide-them, give as best as you can but do not enable-them.  To so do is to push them further in a dark hole-of-disaster where there’s no hope.


What happen to Africa & the ACW?

The ACW will-always be there!!!!!!! 


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