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24 Aug 2017

Alexis & Alexis

Alexis Winston taken from us much too soon.
Alexis was a beautiful young lady that  respected-her-elders. Alexis' elders could never find fault with her, but when Alexis  left-our-presence she ran with the wrong-crowd.  Alexis became  pregnant much too early  and  did not pay much-attention to  education. Alexis  did not have a father-in-life. Her mother  condoned-her-wrong,  defending her when  “my baby did not do that”, empowering Alexis' folly.  Alexis did not choose well with the men she entertained.  Alexis  was, (WAS) 23.
The death of Alexis  shocked all at Good-Shepherd-ACW, the only church she attended as an adult.  She first came to us to do Community service ordered by St. Clair Country Court; always bringing along her daughter Months-old. Three weeks before Alexis' death, she came to us again asking to do another imposed community service. But our policy does not permit such twice; thus, we declined.  Three weeks later Alexis was murdered. No one has been arrested (as of yet).
Alexis has been laid to rest, our church helped with the funeral expenses. And we wondered, if we could have done more at GS.  We were comforted by the many who told us that we could not.  Alexis was traveling with the wrong-crowd for a long time without guidance from family and friends.
Alexis (according to FBI-statistics) is one of 118-people killed in the USA that day, and sadly many more will die if their paths  do not change to a better-lifestyle and  focus on education. Society  cannot take all-the-blame for young-people  dying. Parents & family must lend-a-hand. The  story of Alexis' death is a  grim reminder, we must pay-attention. Who knows what her contribution to her community, society, and the world could have been.
That was August 8, 2017.  Then on August 13, 2017,  in Albuquerque, New-Mexico  Alexis Marie K----- was christened. She was noisy when baptismal water donned her  head. She was presented to the Lord and all present were charged to assist in her care of Godly-love, attention and up-bringing.  How  wonderful to hear-her-noisy-voice (1-year-old). In  Albuquerque we spoke to her parents telling them to hold on to her, direct her path to the future with God’s binding hand.
Alexis-W  how sad we are you left us...
      Oh Alexis-K  how happy  we are to greet you! 



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