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25 Aug 2017

Wearing the Shoes of the Fisherman 
(No time for idle chatter.)
A dear beloved friend, from another Anglican-branch who walked away from his Episcopacy a few years-ago,  was in conversation last week with us. And again, (3rd time), I tried  to persuade him to return to his charge;  not the ACW but his charge.  We spent 113-minutes on the-phone; over 1000-words-in-emails/text over 3-days in what he likes to call Dialogue.  But, (according to FBI-statistics USA nationally) over 100 young people were murdered; 26 committed suicide, and many from drug-overdose. 
While young-people are dying, he spends his time finding fault with the 1928-Prayer Book-of Common-Prayer, and how other Anglican branches are administered; but never once did our conversation turn to the ministry-of-outreach, the violent/dying, lost/souls dying each day, including 8-USA-veterans who commit suicide daily (he-being-a-veteran). It does not matter who is right or wrong in the Anglican-faith administration.  We accepted a charge and we should-obey its call.  
Too many are men running-around calling themselves bishops, wearing a lofty robes without-pulpits. Some don’t even attend church and if asked to participate, find excuses.  My beloved-brother of whom we talk, is a good and decent-man.  We have dined together in the Archdiocese and worshiped together in our Cathedral. He  says he has not stop being bishop, but his actions/words disputes this. He  sounds bitter from how his Anglican-denomination treated him.  But a bishop should never allow the ravings of others to deter-his-calling.  The  'Word-of-God' should be his guide.
The Church does not need more  Bishops, but men who will lead and walk in the Shoes-of-the-Fisherman.  All  around us young-people are paying-a-heavy-price for drug-use/violence. Over 1-million are incarcerated in the USA. All while Bishops are sitting idle obeying their charge.
With my beloved-brother  contact/remains.  We pray his heart re-opens to his charge and not be an  example of “if-the church-does-not-run-the way-I want-it, I ain't”,  but does as Jesus commands... “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel”. This is the charge  as you wear the  Shoes-of-the-Fisherman.
Hartley PA- ACW 


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