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27 Aug 2017

The State Of The ACW


We are moving slowly along and the future, while not opened fully to us, bears a mark of progress. We have ventured into Albuquerque New-Mexico and Fort-Worth-Texas. Plans are in focus for visits to El-Paso-Texas, Brooklyn-New-York, Paris-Tennessee, Fort-Myers, and Port-St-Lucie-Florida by October’s end (all-flights-already-booked).


Some of our benefactors have returned.  Assuring us of our outreach, not only by website, but on the ground as well which our column of “Who’s-Looking” (website) indicates.  Many are looking in from around the world.


We should not despair of the slow pace.  We are guided by the outlook of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) whose founder in 30-years of his life, after formation, only saw   22-churches.  Today there are over 6000. We shall continue to plant and build and leave the future to our successors. 


We are sorry that Uganda is no longer a part of us. We did not succeed in our teaching of accountability but has learned much from it.  We tried in Equatorial-Guinea, which we shall visit in November, to consecrate its new bishop who will preside there and the Seychelles. Also, we continue intercommunion with South-Africa.


We have firmly planted our policy that all members of the ACW must pay their dues. We will not be lost in a sea of debt…again.


Shortly we shall appoint a Director of Outreach, other than clergy. We also finalized (PA venture) Little Caesar Pizza negotiations. Most of the override will go to assist the ACW.


Our thanks to our webmaster who during her health struggles these past few months kept the faith.  We are grateful for the active leadership of Ab-Waterman, Ab-Erbelding, Bp-Connor, whose daily involvement makes the State of the ACW good indeed and Safe in the arms of Jesus.


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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