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31 Aug 2017

Farewell to August 2017
August was a hectic month for the ACW, we saw joy in church planting but sadness in the death of a young-member. The  world remains  in crisis.
Today also marks  the 20th anniversary of the death of our beloved Princes  Diana.  We continue to pray for the citizens of Texas and all those  around the world where they may be suffering from one disaster or another.
The ACW will pay a visit to Haiti in September by our Bishop in the Caribbean, Christopher Atherley, September 6-9. Nothing we can do at present to ease their suffering  but our presence gives hope  in this forgotten not to distant land which continues to be a land of misery. His report will guide us as how we should proceed. 
In September the ACW will focus on "Fellowship" all month, you will hear from us. Until then, 'Watch How You Go'.
Goodbye August 2017. 

+H. Ward


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