1 Sep 2017

Welcome September - “FELLOWSHIP MONTH”
Each day is a day of fellowship.

Each  month we highlight countries celebrating their independence and September is the month of most celebrations as  29 counties gained their independence in this  month.
Time and the process of peace will decide the fate of the world; but as we  look at independence, we hope for those celebrating the happy days of the past will return.  Enjoy your country's birthday this September.

Uzbekistan  1 
Vietnam       2 
San Marino  3 
Swaziland    6 
Brazil           7 
Andorra       8 
Macedonia  8   
North-Korea 9  
Tajikistan     9  
Belize        10 
Cape-Verde  12
Costa-Rica    15
Guatemala    15
Honduras      15 
El- Salvador  15 
Nicaragua     15  
 Papua-New-Guinea 16 
Malaysia    16 
 Mexico      16 
Chile          18 
Saint Kitts  19 
Armenia     21 
Belize         21
Malta          21 
Mali            22 
Saudi Arabia      23 
Guinea-Bissau   24 
Botswana           30 



Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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