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6 Sep 2017

Don’t forget the elderly 

The defeat of longtime Indiana Senator Richard Lugar is but a starling reminder of how the old are ignored when age creeps up.  Serving his state with distinction of 36 years the Republicans threw him out of office not because he has not done much for his state but because he was, they put it, out of touch.  He is 80. 

All around the world this happens where the elderly are ignored and we move away from them, but we must not do so, as one day (God willing) you too will be elderly.  The elderly were our caretakers as we grew up, now they are our source of wisdom. True, the world has changed, but we must never abandon them. 

Visitation to Senior Citizen's Homes sometimes can seem tragic. Personally, I love to sit and talk with its occupants, but there is dire sense of neglect by family members and even staff. I have seen the elderly languishing in these Assisted-living-facilities (now-politically correct-called) staring out the window wondering when a family member will drop-by, they are alone. Family members claim they are busy, but yet they squabbled and fiercely fight over the elderly's assets. The elderly today are treated as if they are a bother to us, never given quality time, it as almost like, “why-don’t-you-die-so-I-can get-on-with-my-life”  Sad, but true.

The argument is that they can get better cared for in the Assisted-Living-Facilities. There is a measure of truth here, but nothing can compare to the love that you can give them, with quality visits, these visits might even add years to their twilight.

The Church is not blameless in this. Many of these said elderly were constant attendees to church, never missing tithing, or participation. Yet Pastors find themselves too busy to drop by, but have lauds of tributes in eulogies when final rest should come. Remember the elderly, do not now ignore them, they cared and love us when we grew. Let us now show the love they once gave us.

H. Ward


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