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16 Sep 2017

The ACW is pleased to announce the  elevation of Sufragran-Bishop J. David McGuire (JDM) to the Office of ACW-Archbishop, and further  Archbishop to the Office of the Patriarch, with the responsibilities of the Patriarch (assistance has been requested)  effective September 20, 2017.
Let us first give thanks to God at the return of good-health after 2 years of uncertainty. God's-healing hand along with a quadruple-by-pass  granted our  beloved-brother a new lease on life and an  opportunity to do what he loves most dearly….MINISTRY, where much of  his illness prevented, he is indeed a gallant-soldier, he shall continue to reside in Chelsea Oklahoma, we shall meet in visitation October, 20, 2017 in Myrtle-Beach-South-Carolina.
The Office of the Presiding Archbishop will continue  to lead  for the future of our successors. JDM will take an active role in this.
We are also pleased to announce that  we have not abandoned Africa but will work where verification and accountability is certified. Thus, the ACW will visit Equatorial-Guinea, (consecration of Bishop) Uganda, Kenya & November 2017 (dates to be ratified pending permission from their respective governments)  Kenya to  meet with leaders of South-Sudan refuges at the request and finance of SS Lost-boys in the USA  November 10-13, 2017.
We are also please of Bishop Charles Connor's  pilgrimage  to Antigua & Anguilla in the Caribbean badly affected by hurricane-Irma to disburse 3 gracious financial benefactors gifts to assist in their recovery. (Bishop Conner is from Anguilla)
We are also pleased to announce vetting has just begun of an Anglican branch in the UK to join the ACW.  The ACW has, via a benefactor, presented a scholarship to Ms Akayla Perkins (member of Good Shepherd ACW) to Blackburn University in Bloomington, Illinois where she has begun a new phase of her life. 

+H. Ward


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