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2 Oct 2017

News For October
We continue to seek guidance as God continue to bless us in our missionary journey.  In October the PA office and others will be busy with visitations as we plunder into North & South Carolina, Florida and El Paso,Texas.  We  shall also be looking to visit or share resources with ACW friends in Puerto Rico.
We are happy to report that a 2014 RV was bequeathed and donated to the ACW; we have accepted. We’re grateful to God that our work and vison has been rewarded.
In October Archbishop McGuire will assist the PA in many of his duties as we look to extend  our ministry. Our website will be fully updated on Missions; those  not in keeping with the Canons and their responsibility will be removed. We have no desire to have a beautiful website with unverifiable information. The church must have honor within its outreach.
Keep us in your prayers as we journey along in God's Grace.
We have reclaimed Anglican Church Worldwide after it was  hacked and maliciously damaged by those we allowed in the ACW without proper vetting. We paid for that mistake; but we leave it in the hands of God as we learn from our mistakes. We further take full responsibility as we did not follow.
For  20 YEARS we have served many around the world. To those who saw the injustice done to us and sent contributions to continue our work... WE ARE GREATFUL. We ardently pray for those who tried to do us wrong that God will render his healing power and that they will not do wrong to others. 
PA Office
Archbishop David McGuire


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