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10 Oct 2017

Thank You and Thank You

To all those who lightened our coffers this past month with their wonderful financial gifts, your out-reach was a blessing.  As you are aware, we send tax statements at the end of each year for contributions made.  But due to your overwhelming response, we shall be sending statements as donations are received, whether it be a $1.00 or $1000.00, so your tax preparations will not be delayed.
Please be advised that the ACW will never ask for money via the internet. We also thank the Headley Family in Port St. Lucie, Florida for the wonderful $55.000.00 gift of a 2014 RV that will be used to the glory of God. Archbishop McGuire will oversee its use.
We also  thank Coke Cola for sending 100 cases of Dasani Water in the ACW's name to the Caribbean island of St. John that was devastated by hurricane Irma.

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