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18 Oct 2017

A Moment In Quiet Meditation
Within the Anglican-Communion (AC) there  are over 50-branches that have developed.  For whatever reason, all claiming to be a part of the Church-of-England. None  of them are, including the ACW. But our relationship remains close in existence through canonical status. What is troublesome in the AC is when attempts are made to work together and to reconcile there are reasons brought up to thwart it. 
Recently I spoke with a non-working Anglican Bishop I’ve known for many years, a good and decent brother. After reaching out, he gave excuses one after the other. If it wasn’t the 1928 prayer-book, it was his heritage, or orthodox Anglicans, or bishops with an opinion.  It became tiresome and discouraging to listen. Another priest said to me, he would love a relationship with the ACW but outside church walls.
The ACW supports all branches of the AC. They are our brothers-and-sisters as long as they follow guidelines of order thwarted by our faith and not individuals.  We can share, but I urge all Anglicans not to find excuses from their faith.
In the USA city of Chicago there  will be over 800 murders this year while we fight over who is right or wrong in the AC. The ACW has no time for this folly.  As far as we are concerned all are welcome at God's table. There is no time to waste when his children, which we are charged to direct their faith, are dying and losing their perspective in life.
In the ACW we shall continue to “Reach Out to the World and Beyond".


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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