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20 Oct 2017

We Have Been  Revived


In the past few months, due to miscues, the ACW suffered at the hands of those we trusted into our doors without proper vetting. We blame no one for this but we have learned. In our 20 year history our name and dignity has been our strength; our recent upswing has been our witness. 


In recent weeks we have seen a revival of generosity, new faces, commitment to tithing and membership. Our verified website and its contents bear this.  A new bishop comes to us in February 2018 and 5 new parishes in December from another Anglican branch.


We thought of abandoning African out-reach since verification of facts is difficult but they are God’s children; WE WILL NOT ABANDON BUT MOVE SLOWLY as we verify   Bishop Peter Joh and Diocese has applied with his South Sudanese congregations, we have begun a vetting outlook….slowly. This will take time.  We are also in discussion in Guyana & Surinam in South America.   We have been revived.


The election of a new bishop and the generosity of our benefactors has been refreshing. Bishop-Elect Rocha will arrive at  the Archdiocese October 27-29, to be formally nominated, preach, and celebrate mass at the Cathedral.


Building is not an easy task but we push on by the grace of God in our outreach of evangelism.    We have been revived.



The vision continues as the ACW “Reaches out to the World and Beyond”.



Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
                                                                                       Under the Protection of the Cross                                                                                                                          

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