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26 Oct 2017

Africa: Under A Starless Sky


There’s a recent Novel by Banafsheh Serov, “Under A Starless Sky”, that shows the atrocities that are happening in Africa, especially Uganda and several other African countries. In her book she describes the capture of innocent-children by Joseph-Kony Lords’ Resistant Army, whose goal is to overthrow the government.  Children are forced into marriage, raped, and made into murderers. It is a painful scene.


It is interesting reading. Banafsheh Serov describes the horrors that Africans live by the hand of their own people causing some to ask, “Why is the ACW still trying to help in Africa with missions”.  The answer is simple; they are still God’s children. Most of Africa problems are self-inflicted.  It is a continent like no other; education on life’s realities are lacking. We look at the  success of 1% and forget the other 99%  but the people  of Africa need our help, not money. If you send 1-million-dollars-a-day it will not help but life examples of living will.

Thousands in Africa are still in slavery (Uganda, Nigeria, Somalia, Chad etc.…) and security for visitors is questionable.  Verification of facts is non-existent and funding can never really be considered, as you do not know where it will end up.


The ACW experience in Uganda, South-Sudan & Kenya has inflicted much pain on us, but we will not give up, just be more careful in our vetting process. We are in the process of vetting the Diocese of Malek on the border of  South-Sudan and Uganda; gladly their references are all in the USA and we have invited  their Bishop to visit with us February-2018.  Temporary membership will be granted November 1, 2017. God willing we shall help to bring some light into their starless-sky.


On October 29, 2017 our new Bishop-Elect will be presented to the world and 2 academic-scholarships will be given  to deserving students.


Watch how you go.                                                                                                                          




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