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2 Nov 2017

1 Nov 2017


On this day of remembrance of those who have passed on, we celebrate their memory and our faith. We smile with God's-grace as Good-Shepherd Anglican-Church-Worldwide celebrates-21-years (November-1). Good Shepherd was founded by Archbishop-Wilfred Portier & Fr-Hartley (now-Bishop); we rejoice in this vision.

In the annals of my family’s-history, businessmen-and-politicians, I took another-path but as the years dwindle down the realities of age must consider the Future-of-the-ACW. We must look-to the IT-NOW immortalizing the vision of AB Alexander-McGuire, (1934) AB-Forde (2004) and AB-Portier (2011) ever mindful of their vision. 

I learned much at my father's knee, a shrewd politician and businessman. He never left much unturned; thus, he had a successful life. I am not sure how he would have fared in this age-of-technology. But one thing I am sure of, he would not have lost the personal-art-of FELLOWSHIP as he would always say "you do not make good-business by writing but face-to-face and a sincere-well-gripped-hand-shake", this is the principle that I have lived by.

The-world-has-lost-the-art-of-communication.*We no longer take time to write-a-letter and-mail-it. *Call to see how-each-other-is-doing. It’s now emails-and-text which carries no FELLOWSHIP.  We write silly-little text-and uninformative-emails.  We never really know what’s-happening in each other’s life. IT’S-SO-VERY COLD, like the disappearing-dinner table where the family does not-dine anymore.

November-2017 will be a month free of “personal”-emails...
If the ACW’s-future is be secure, this is the path we SHOULD take. We want to hear your-voice…
 and if possible meet-you for that long awaited handshake that carries-an-abiding FELLOWSHIP.
Jesus made the path to FELLOWSHIP an easy-one. We must be our brother’s-sister’s-keeper. This is not to say, do not use TODAY’S-technology but do not let it take away from THE PERSONAL-TOUCH and sincerity. Nothing is more-pleasing than to hear the voice of those we work with and care for…
For me hearing their voice is a treasure-of-hope-and-God’s-love. 

This All-Souls & All-Saints-day we remember all those gone-forth. We rejoice in their memory.  We especially remember our founders, Archbishops Alexander-McGuire, George-Forde, Wilfred-Portier. Their service-of-FELLOWSHIP to the church is a lasting-memory.

Call me anytime. God-willing, we shall meet at the Doorstep-of-FELLOWSHIP.  DO NOT ALLOW SOCIAL MEDIA TO DESTROY the spiritual intimacy we share.

Ever Faithful,
Hartley, PA-ACW


Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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