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4 Nov 2017

Welcomed in Partnership
The Diocese of Malek
Kenya/Uganda/South Sudan 

The ACW is pleased to announce the reception of partnership with the Diocese-of-Malek with  Bishop-Peter Joh-Abraham-ayom effective November-5-2017.  It will be fully ratified at the Bishop's-Convocation February 22, 2018 at the Cathedral-of-Good-Shepherd-Belleville-Illinois, on the occasion of the consecration of Bishop-Elect Jim Rocha.
The Diocese-of-Malek serves refugee camps in the outer-regions of South-Sudan. Bishop Peter  has concluded  the preliminary vetting requirements.  And since most references were in the USA, they have been contacted and verified his work. He visited the USA earlier this year.  
The ACW has had its struggles in Africa, but in the end our House-of-Bishops concluded that as God’s children we cannot turn our back on  them. We welcome Bishop Peter and his Diocese to the Convocation-of-Bishops where all plans for Africa will be fully presented for permanent partnership.
The ACW sees God’s  hand in this and we are moved by the humility-of-Bishop-Peter.  We pray that the African-struggles of the past will be used as a guide to overcome any negatives as we allow God’s Holy Will to be done. Upon  completion, Holy-Orders will be issued  by the ACW to carry forth its Mission in Africa as we continue...“Reaching out to the World-&-Beyond.
May God be praised.



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