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12 Nov 2017

Our busy agenda kept us away from this page for the past-week and with our travel-agenda this week much will be the same, but we share with you the events of last-week.

The Holy-Convocation (HC) of the Church-of-God-in-Christ (COGIC) annually held in St. Louis, MO is always a success.  However, as we looked and saw thousands of people, not many young-people (or millenniums as they are now called) were in sight, which leaves us to believe that young people are drifting away from the church.  More and more are getting into alternate lifestyles, and trouble. We pray that change will come.

Many of you will receive a CD from the ACW as part of our holiday-fundraiser. Over 1000 CD’s were donated in June to the ACW. The donor asked that they be used to help build our outreach.  We pray it does. If you would like a Christmas-&-Classical CD, please email us your address at   In return we ask that you bless ACW with a tax deductible donation that is at least equal to the cost of our postage.  However, we would be most appreciative of a greater amount.  So far over 150 CD’s have been mailed.  The response has been beautiful.     

A generous bequest given to us in November-2014 will not be used in an investment portfolio to work for the mission of outreach – more later.

The ACW assisted Mercy-Robes (MR) this past weekend at the HC of the COGIC. The ACW will visit with them in January 2018. MR provided vestments for clergy from around the world at the HC from South-Africa, Malawi, Jamaica to name a few. An investment was made to the Caribbean priest there -- more later.  When buying from MR be sure to mention the ACW or Archbishop Hartley.

As we look at the church shooting in Texas, and elsewhere, it is evident that all denominations must work together in the spirit of unity. The ACW will partner with the Lutheran-Church Missouri-Synod in 2018. We will also be sharing in priest and other resources.

The ACW PA Office will be in travel this week, be with us in prayer.  Be safe and be blest.

ACW PA Office


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