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25 Nov 2017

A Thanksgiving Review of a Spiritual Life 


Presiding Archbishop Hartley Walks in the Shoes of the Fisherman - Part 2


Each day as I continue this journey I am mindful of the blessing that God has place upon me to lead-the-ACW.  I am most proud when members introduce me to others as their Bishop/Pastor, words a resume cannot enhance.


I am grateful for the friendship/fellowships I receive from My-Brethren, and for the outreach that has spanned-the-globe. Over this lifetime I have traveled to 67-countries-around the-world; in the USA have-landed-in-49-States where in 22 I’ve preached-the-Gospel. In my early days of travel it was at my father’s side that I tagged along. This gave me a tremendous-vision of outreach.


The Anglican-faith has been my stay/staple and strength as is the-hymns-of-faith, centuries-old, but spiritually refreshing/uplifting, such as “Blest-Be-The-Tie-That-Binds”; “tis” a melody of Rev-John-Fawcett that brings me closer to YOU and to GOD.


I thank God for the active Bishops who surround me with their guidance; their voice is a source-of-strength, a constant-reminder that the Shoes-I-wear are those of the Fisherman.


Our goal is to continue-to-carry on the mission/vision set forth in the Mandate of Archbishop’s Forde, Portier & Waterman. Over the years I have given everyone I’ve met a $2 bill; it is my connection-with-them for success, most keep them on their person for-years, they reside-with-me in the avenue of spiritual growth/faith. “Tis” one of my greatest joys.   Around the world, many I have never-met call me their-spiritual-father, “tis” a duty I embrace with joy/gratitude.


Beloved in Christ, walk with me as we obey-our-Lord’s-command, “Go-ye-into-all-the world-and-preach the Gospel”.  And as we prepare to enter a New-Year, journey with me with the vision God has placed upon me as I continue to walk in "The Shoes of the Fisherman".


Presiding Archbishop ACW 


**The ACW PA Office will be in travel visitation next week as he prepares for another Birthday.



Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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