10 Dec 2017

What a thankful life I have lived

A dear friend, 15-years-older, told me recently that I focus too much upon-mine-age. He’s right, but I focus not on age but the completion-of-my-work; there is still much to do.

Celebrating this birthday (December-11) I think what a life I’ve lived. I’ve had the honor of being a priest in the small Dutch-Caribbean-Islands, Aruba-&-Curacao, and 11-years of service in Guyana.  I’ve traveled to all 5-continents, sharing the gospel wherever asked. I have traveled to all 16-English-speaking-Caribbean Islands and the 2-French-Martinique-&-Guadeloupe; also went to Surinam to negotiate a truce, which ended badly.

Over the years I've visited 5-African countries, Lesotho (with a delegation), we dined with the King, Liberia still a nightmare - memory that haunts, in Port-Elizabeth-South-Africa preached to over 5000 (not-a-large crowd for SA), visited Zimbabwe when it was Rhodesia.

My first pastoral assignment was in Australia, (Asia)  but it was too hot so I headed home to the cool waters of the Caribbean sea. As a boy of 15 went to India to play cricket with the youth of my country. While there peeked into Pakistan when Bangladesh was still a part.  I traveled to China with Dad at 16, stopping off in Fiji. Israel was a seminary field-trip from-Scotland. 10 counties in Asia I’ve traveled.

I like to call myself a European since whence I was born Barbados was British but alas that will not wash. 14 European-countries I’ve traveled, some by car, by train & air, but a Finland frosty-night in 1968 holds dear fond-memories I cannot write.

Like the USA, all the English speaking Caribbean-countries are in North-America, visited all.  They are so close but divided by water. Cuba was a little scary in 1976. Visited all of South America 12  (except Argentina), stayed a while in Venezuela.

I have been blest to visit 69 of the world’s-countries over this wonderful-life. To complain would be folly. I have seen death & destruction, but also much more joy. God has allowed me to live to the fullest; visited 49 USA-States, but not Idaho…..soon.

So I celebrate this birthday with joyful-thanks and pray that I’ve blest others.  My birthday wish… MY greatest joy… SERVING GOD WITHIN THE ACW.


Ever faithful,                       




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