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12 Dec 2017

Blessings All Around

An Email to the ACW

“To whom it may concern... Can anyone share with me the changes, if any that I see, from Anglican Church Worldwide ACW to Worldwide Anglican Church WAC?  I am Father K M (we-took-out-his name) ordained in 2007 by Archbishop Hartley. Thank you.”
This is an episode that we will not dwell. Our former brother bishop in Uganda joined force with people-that-he-never-met that has led him into path of non-reality.
Our brother of Uganda is a good-and-decent man whom we have hosted in the Archdiocese on 2-occasions; he was well received by all he met, but his path-of-resistance & non-support of the general-church led to decisions that sent him elsewhere.  We have never  allowed anyone to assassinate-his-name (and-will-not). He is still our brother. But in Africa-where-the-rule-of-law-is-questionable, he is caught-in-a-culture that when you do not get-your-way, you take over by-force (called-a-coup). 

Their departure from the ACW became a blessing, not because they left, but many people around the world, recognizing the damage they were trying to do, called to lend support as his skillful (internet) Japanese-cohort stole from the ACW.  Such led to  ACW contributions rising, (we-never-asked).

The WAC? (last-time we-shall-mention-their-name)  has nothing to do with the ACW and while we once thought of bringing them to legal accountability, we left it to you and the hand-of-God.

They stole information from our website, plagiarized our copy, used people once ACW without their consent, even one who is  deceased. In this age of internet you can do or write anything without authority or consent, this is the path they took, but we leave it in the hands-of-God. We  will never close our doors to Africa; however, we shall be cautious to their questions, always traveling-the-road of verified information
We invite you to stay on the website and read who we are and what we are doing. Thanks  (atop) for your wonderful financial contribution and with the ACW assisting 35-families this holiday-season, it shall be a part-of-their blessing.
We encourage you when a brother or sister tries to hurt you not to seek revenge, Pray-for-them, let that be the key to it all.  
Our goal is simple and continues “Reaching out to the world & beyond …
A blessed holiday season to you all.

Presiding  Archbishop…ACW

















Reaching Out to the World and........ Beyond
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